Complete Kusadasi Guide - Kusadasi Hotels, Restaurants, Beaches, Ephesus, Night Life and more
Kusadasi Port

Kusadasi Port is at the west coast of Turkey, approximately 60 miles to the south of the third biggest city of Turkey; Izmir.

The port of Kusadasi is one of the most important stops for the most famous international cruise lines, on their visit to the Mediterranean. Some of these popular cruise lines include Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises, Seaborne, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, etc.

For most cruise guests, this may be the one and only stop at the Asia continent on their Mediterranean cruise, while many of these guests to not even realize they are stepping on Asia. 

What makes Kusadasi port popular is its proximity to the world famous ancient site Ephesus. The Unesco World heritage site Ephesus city is only a 15 minute drive from the port. The ancient city attracts more than 15 million visitors a year from all over the world. The House of Virgin Mary, which is believed to be the place she spent her last days, the Temple of Artemis that is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the tomb of St John the Apostle is also near Ephesus city, only a 15 min drive from Kusadasi port.

Kusadasi is a modern town, with tourism being the most important income for most residents. Therefore when the summer season starts and the schools are closed, the 100.000 populated city rises up to a million people. 

Kusadasi Port is surrounded with several modern and necessary amenities. The port is only minutes’ walk to the city center. Again at a walking distance, it is possible to find ATMs, exchange offices, pharmacy, wi-fi, medical clinic, shops, food and drink.

The port building of Kusadasi has a bookstore with books in English, a Starbucks coffee house, a few restaurants and souvenir shops. Outside the port building, the city center offers a wide range of these amenities as well.


Latitude  37.8622

Longitude 27.2637)

Country: Turkey

Province: Aydin 

Nearest International Airport: ADB – Izmir Adnan Menderes  ( 48 miles - 76 km )