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House of Virgin Mary House of Virgin Mary
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Soke Soke
Marmaris Marmaris
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Didim Didim
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Overnight in Kusadasi

overnight in kusadasi

Overnight in Kusadasi, What can I do?

You may spend a full day and night in Kusadasi by experiencing several things ranging from historical to fun and sun. There are lovely five, four star hotels or holiday villages in Kusadasi for comfortable accommodation.

If you like history there are many options to do in full day. Kusadasi has many historic sites around. You may go to Ephesus and beside it The House of Virgin Mary, The Temple of Artemis (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), Sirince Village (Greek houses, wine houses) and The Church of St John, Ephesus Museum, Seven Sleepers Cave etc... If you have been in Ephesus before you can go to Priene, Miletus, Didyma in one day. Priene and Miletus are well preserved ancient cities and there is The Temple of Apollo (ancient oracle centre) in Didyma. You can also go and visit Pergamum but it takes more than 3 hours driving. There is Pamukkale (cotton castle) which 3 hours driving away from Kusadasi and it is famous with spring waters, unique landscape and Hierapolis ancient site. Aphrodisias (the ancient city dedicated to Aphrodite) is 2,5 hours driving and possible to visit in one full day.

If you like to enjoy from nature instead of history there is National Park (Dilek Peninsula) very close to Kusadasi. Every 30min minibuses are passing for National park. It looks like a paradise with its crystal clear water, fresh air peaceful forest. You can also have picnic there (barbeque is not allowed).

There are numerous beautiful beaches in Kusadasi but if you have full day you can also join a boat trip to visit 3 beautiful bays around Kusadasi and swim in deep blue water.

If you are a fan of adventure there are many options that you really enjoy in Kusadasi such as Horseback riding, Kusadasi Jeep Safari , Quad Safari and Kusadasi Aqua parks with high water slides.

When you stay one night in Kusadasi don’t forget to have local dinner in fish or kebab restaurants and join local night life. There are countless night clubs, live music, discos and bars in town. You will definitely enjoy it till sunrise.

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