Kusadasi Fish Market

Kusadasi Fish Market
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    Every day between 08 am and 11 pm

Kusadasi fish market is located on the way to Kusadasi port, where many fishermen's shops are located, which is called the fishermen's square. You can use the 5-minibus line to go to the fish market, or you can choose to walk. You can park your car in the Kusadasi port car park.

Fish caught from Kusadasi bay are sold daily and fresh in the fish market. The types of fish sold vary according to the season. Small fish usually include mackerel, anchovy, and sardines. Big fish include sea bream, sea bass, and bonito. In the fish market, there are places that sell not only fish but also sell salad greens. There are also many restaurants around the fish market. These are the restaurants by the sea where you can eat fish, as well as businesses where you can only eat fish and bread.

Thanks to its location, the fish market offers you many opportunities. There are banks around the fish market where you can withdraw money. Cafes for sitting and drinking coffee and many shops for shopping are also found around the fish market.

There is also a taxi stand opposite the fish market to provide transportation for you to return to your accommodation or go to another place.

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