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Kusadası is among the leading coastal cities of Turkey. Kusadasi hosts hundreds of thousands of people with its deep blue waters and unique beaches, which attract great attention from local and foreign tourists every day.Kusadasi, which stands out with its geographical location, historical texture as well as its magnificent climate, increases the reasons for preference with its ease of transportation. For those who want to come to Kusadasi by air, where it is easily accessible by air, land and sea transportation, although it attracts great attention especially in the summer months, it is 75 km away from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB), where both domestic and international flights take place, and Milas - Bodrum Airport (BJV) is just It is 120 km away.

It is very easy to reach Kusadasi with attractive price options via car rental, public transportation, taxi and VIP transfer companies at the airport.

There is a high-speed train service from Izmir airport to the ancient city of Ephesus-Selcuk until late at night. The intercity garage, which is a 5-minute walk from the Efes-Selcuk train station, also provides the opportunity to go to Kuşadası by public transportation.

Kusadasi is a coastal city that is easily accessible by motorhome and caravan enthusiasts, as well as being easily accessible by intercity buses from almost every city in Turkey.
Kusadasi Port, which hosts the most cruise ships in Turkey, also provides sea transportation services to visitors from almost all over the world to visit Kusadasi. During certain periods of the year, daily visits and transportation to Kusadasi from other coastal cities are possible by boat tour.
Just as transportation to Kusadasi is easy, when you come to Kuşadası, you will also encounter easy transportation in this wonderful city. There are taxi stands, bicycle rental points, and many rental car rental points located on almost every corner. City transportation services are available starting early in the morning and continuing until late in the morning. It will captivate you with the atmosphere of Kusadasi, with its walking paths where you can watch the sunrise and sunset while walking along the beach, and the opportunities you can find within walking distance of everywhere.


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