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What are the qualifications of Turkish Doctors and Surgeons?

Turkish doctors and surgeons generally receive more than 6 years of education at qualified universities in Türkiye. The medical faculties program in Türkiyeincludes training programs in which branch training such as clinical training, applied training, and theoretical training are received. It provides high-level education opportunities for doctors with its universities and research centers in the field of health in Türkiye. Graduated doctor candidates continue their postgraduate education, such as Doctorate and Master, depending on their field of specialization, in schools with high qualifications at home and abroad. Türkiye, which is among the successful countries in the field of health, is one of the countries that provides quality health services with thousands of successful doctors and surgeons.

What are the Accreditation Requirements for Turkish Hospitals?

In order to obtain the accreditation certificate, which enables healthcare institutions to provide a service that meets higher quality and safety standards, hospitals must complete various procedures and apply. The main accreditation standards include effectiveness, efficiency, and patient and employee safety. Audit conditions and standards include standards such as scope and application, continuity, employee participation, adequacy, compliance, document review, and domain. JCI, a non-profit organization that provides international accreditation services and is known for quality in healthcare, has been operating in our country for more than 20 years. Aiming for quality and trust in health, nearly 50 private hospitals provide accredited services.

What are the Visa Requirements for Foreigners Who Want to Receive Treatment in Türkiye?

If you want to travel to Türkiye and receive treatment, the first step is to get health insurance. If your stay in Türkiye exceeds the time you can stay without a visa, you must apply for residence. Since the duration of the treatment is important, you can apply for a residence visa with a document covering the details and duration of the treatment from the institutions and organizations where you will be treated.

What is the Cost of Medical Procedures in Türkiye?

Türkiye, whose popularity is increasing and developing day by day with Health Tourism, is gradually increasing the preferences of local and foreign citizens due to its geographical location and ease of transportation. With its understanding of quality health and successful doctors, Türkiye has taken its place among the most preferred countries in recent years. With government support in health tourism in Türkiye, it is possible to have surgery or treatment at affordable prices compared to other countries. The price of the health services you receive may vary in each hospital or clinic, depending on the duration of the treatment and the examination to be performed.

What are the Most Popular Medical Procedures Offered in Türkiye?

Surgery and treatment are performed in many areas in Türkiye, which is one of the leading destinations in the health sector. The most popular among these health services include Dental (dental) Health services, Dietary Consultancy, Gynecological Services, and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

What are the travel and accommodation options for foreigners who want to receive treatment in Türkiye?

Travel and accommodation opportunities are quite easy for foreigners who want to receive treatment in Türkiye. International flights operate to almost many airports in Türkiye. In this way, you can have easy transportation at affordable prices. Moreover, you can easily get to your destination from any airport with VIP service, taxi, car rental and other public transportation. You can meet your accommodation needs in the hospital with its comfortable rooms during the treatment period. In Türkiye, which is popular in the hotel industry, you can find hotels suitable for every budget and need before or after the treatment.

What are the insurance options for foreigners who want to receive treatment in Türkiye?

As in almost every country, there are special types of insurance for foreigners in Türkiye, such as foreign health insurance and residence insurance. These insurances may vary depending on the duration, type of treatment, and age of the applicant.


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