Where to stay and what to do in Izmir?

Izmir - Turkey

Where can I stay in Izmir?

Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean, is a modern city and a province rich in both culture and history. It is possible to find accommodation suitable for every budget in Izmir city center. If you want to visit the center, be close to shopping centers and see historical places, you can stay in Konak, Alsancak and Karşıyaka. five in these places
Along with star hotels, you can find boutique hotels and places suitable for you with a more affordable budget.

Alsancak; With its modern architecture, wide boulevards, cafes, luxury restaurants and boutiques, it attracts attention with the atmosphere of a European city and is a suitable district for art lovers. There are state-of-the-art technological hotels located by the sea in Alsancak and they are suitable for those who want to stay at high standards.

Karsiyaka; It brings together the two sides of Izmir Bay and can be preferred for a holiday or a business trip. It is very easy to reach different parts of Izmir from Karşıyaka. Here, you can find everything from five-star hotel concepts to the most affordable boutique hotels and hostels, suitable for all budgets.
accommodation options are available.

Konak; With its location in Izmir city center, it offers many opportunities for those who want to stay. It provides accommodation of all standards and budgets for all kinds of historical, touristic and cultural trips to Izmir. Hotels located on the coastline offer magnificent views of the Izmir bay. Most of the hotels here are 1 or 2 km away from the mansion square.

How is the weather in Izmir?

The Mediterranean climate prevails in Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, with summers being hot and dry and winters warm and rainy. The hottest months are July-August, and the coldest months are January-February. In summer the temperature is usually above 30°C. In winter, the average
The temperature may vary between 10-15°C. Izmir generally has a mild climate, but since temperatures may be high in the summer months, it will be useful to take this information into consideration when making your holiday plans.

What are the best things to do in Izmir?

The city of Izmir, which has been an important port city throughout history, has become one of the most preferred destinations by millions of foreigners every year with its historical, cultural and rich nature. The most popular things you can do in Izmir;

1-Clock Tower and Konak Square: The historical Clock Tower and Konak Square are one of the biggest symbols of Izmir. This is one of the must-see places.


2-Alsancak Street: Wander and enjoy life on this street where cafes, luxury restaurants and shopping stores are located.

3- Kemeraltı Bazaar: Be sure to visit this traditional bazaar with a mystical atmosphere.

4-Historical Elevator: Watch the magnificent view of Izmir and make a memory by climbing this historical elevator building.

5-Kültürpark: It is one of the most central places in Izmir. It hosts the annual "Izmir International Fair" with its fairgrounds, and various cultural and artistic events are held on other days.

6-Boyoz and Izmir bomb: Do not leave Izmir without tasting boyoz and Izmir bomb, which are among the first foods that come to mind when Izmir is mentioned.

7- Cordon Length: Take a walk along the cordon in Alsancak, have a tea or coffee and enjoy the view.

8-Old Smyrna Ancient City and Agora Open Air Museum: Visit the ancient ruins and museum in Konak that shed light on the history of Izmir.


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