The best beaches of Kusadasi

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The best beaches of Kusadasi

Kusadasi attracts great interest and attention with its blue flag transparent deep blue sea and bays.

Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Kusadasi, has the blue flag title. Its name remained as ladies' beach because it was used only by women during the Ottoman period. Today, it is a deep blue, clean beach that is open to the public and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender. It is a beach that children can easily enter due to its shallow and sandy ground. There are opportunities to easily meet your needs such as water sports, sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets, markets, etc. It also includes restaurants and fast food style venues.

Kusadasi Sevgi Beach
Sevgi Beach, a long sandy beach that also hosts youth festivals in the summer months, continues to give its visitors indescribable emotions with its unique view and clean beach.
This beach, which is quiet during the weekdays, is a beach preferred by everyone because it is crowded and very entertaining on the weekends, and continues to serve its lovers as a beach where barbecues can be held and camps can be set up. It is 13 km away from Kusadasi city center.

Kushtur beach (Pygelo Beach)

This beach, one of the free public beaches of Kusadasi , is located on the Selçuk-Kusadasi road. This area, also known as Pygela Beach due to its proximity to the ruins of the historical Pygeia Ancient City, has a mixed sand and stone coastline. Since it is on the main road, you can easily meet your eating and drinking needs. There are also toilets and showers installed by the municipality. Since the sea is shallow, it is a clean beach where families can swim and have fun with their children with peace of mind.

Güvercinada Beach (Papaz Hamami Beach)

Located in the center of Kusadasi, this beach became popular after the restructuring of the municipality. This beach, which is on the left of the Güvercin Island walking path, is a beach preferred by divers and nature lovers due to its stony structure. You can enjoy your day here, accompanied by the island view.

Yılancı Burnu beach (Jade Beach Clup)

This beach, located in the Yılancı cape region of Kusadasi, also includes the entertainment center called Jade Beach Club. It is one of the unique areas where you can swim and listen to music accompanied by a DJ, and watch the view of Güvercin Island Castle.
While such activities are carried out during the day, this region, which is also active in the evenings, hosts concerts, weddings, entertainment and nightclub activities, and is one of the entertainment centers preferred by entertainment lovers. It is also among the beaches frequently visited by the people of Kusadasi. It is a very preferred beach because it is very close to the center of Kusadasi, where the sea is shallow and there are no waves most of the time, and all activities such as camping, picnics etc. can be done on the beach.

Green Beach (Miracle Beach Club)

As its name suggests, Miracle Beach Club, also known as the green beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Kusadasi.
At the entrance, you can enter by paying a certain fee for your needs such as sun loungers, umbrellas, alcohol, etc. Your fun begins with DJ and music. This beach also has a blue flag certificate. For this reason, this beach, which has a sea where you can see the clear deep blue water like daylight, is filled with local and foreign guests in the summer months and also serves as a beach club entertainment center in the evenings.

Dilek Peninsula National Park
Beach and Bays
A certain fee is charged for entering this area, which is 23 km away from the center of Kusadasi, for everyone arriving on foot or by vehicle.
Dilek Peninsula is a unique place in the world where green and blue meet in nature.

The park includes bays such as İçmeler Bay, Aydınlık Bay, Kavaklıburnu Bay and Karasu Bay. These bays, each with its own unique natural beauties, are a perfect getaway for daily visitors and are preferred by those who want to get fresh air and do sports. Tour boats departing from Kusadasi come to some of the bays and visit these beauties.
We strongly recommend you go to these beautiful natural wonders, bays, and beaches.


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