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As in the world, the cost of living in Türkiye depends on many reasons, such as the popularity of the cities you live in in your country and whether they are touristic cities or not. While the cost of basic needs such as house rent, transportation, and food increases in big cities where job opportunities are abundant, it is possible to say that such needs are lower in cities with a low population.

While food prices are affordable in regions where agriculture and animal husbandry are intense, we can say that price increases vary in other cities. In Türkiye , the lowest personnel salary determined according to the inflation data announced in the country in the first quarter of the year is 17000 TL, and the lowest civil servant salary is 34000 TL.

We can say that a large part of your monthly income in Türkiye is spent on house rent. House rental prices increase as a result of inflation in the country and these prices also vary depending on the regions of the city. While the cost of living in touristic and big cities is quite high, the cost of living in other cities is lower compared to this rate.

Türkiye , with an inflation rate of around 42% according to the announced inflation data, is among the countries with an economic crisis as of today. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Türkiye is quite high, in addition to expenses such as accommodation, nutrition, and transportation, which are among the basic needs, as well as bills such as natural gas, personal needs, dues, and telecommunications.


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