Best Beaches of Izmir

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The best beaches of Izmir

Izmir is one of the largest cities in Turkey, with historical riches and natural beauties, located on the Aegean coast in the west of Turkey. Every year, millions of local and foreign tourists come to visit the beautiful beaches of Izmir, and it attracts holiday lovers with its many blue flag beaches. . It is a popular spot for windsurfing enthusiasts, especially with its beaches in the İzmir Çeşme region.

Ilıca beach (Çeşme)

Ilıca is 85 kilometers from Izmir. Ilıca beach is one of the most important beaches of Izmir with its 5-kilometer long white sandy beach and shallow and temperate sea. The spa, which is especially famous for its thermal springs, allows bathing in all seasons with its hot and mineral waters coming from underground.

Alaçatı Beaches (Çeşme)

Alaçatı, located in Çeşme district of İzmir. Alaçatı, which is approximately 1 hour away from Izmir, is a favorite among windsurfing and water sports enthusiasts. The most popular beaches of Alaçatı, which has a sweet village atmosphere, are Ilgaz beach, Pırlanta beach and Delikli bay.

Çeşmealtı Beach

Çeşme beach, known for its clean sand and clear sea, is located very close to the center of Çeşme and is very easy to reach. It offers its visitors a pleasant day with many beach clubs, cafes and restaurants around the beach. Çeşmealtı Beach has suitable weather conditions for those who want to windsurf. Çeşmealtı is the beach preferred by local and foreign guests, especially in the summer months.

Foca Beaches

Foça is one of the most special beaches of Izmir, known for its historical atmosphere, natural beauties and clean sea. Among the various beaches of Foça, Yeni Foça public beach, Karakum beach, Kale Burnu Beach, Çanak Bay, Vertigo Beach, English Cape, Sazlıca Beach. Güvercin beach is among the most visited places. Foça attracts the attention of sea and nature lovers with its many blue flag beaches.

Özdere Beaches

Özdere, which has the most beautiful and longest beaches of the Aegean, welcomes local and foreign guests every year. Özdere, which has a blue flag on many of its beaches, dazzles with its magnificent sand and clear sea. It is perfect for guests who want to have a holiday in peaceful nature with its quiet and calm atmosphere. The main beaches of Özdere are Klaros beach, Ekmeksiz beach and Altınkum beach.

Karaburun, Aquarium Beach

Akvaryum Beach is a natural beach located on the Karaburun peninsula in the east of Izmir. Karaburun, one of Izmir's blue flag beaches, attracts everyone with its magnificent nature and unique view and hosts many cafes and restaurants.

Urla Beaches

Urla, which is the new favorite of gastronomy enthusiasts, is also home to many magnificent beaches and is a perfect destination, especially for those who love swimming. The main beaches of Urla include Barbaros Bay, Balıklıova Beach and Demirci Beach.

Pamucak Beach

Pamucak beach, which attracts with its proximity to historical and touristic areas, is known for its wide sandy beach and clean sea. There are cafes and restaurants along the beach. It is also one of the longest beaches in Turkey with a length of 11 km. It also has 3 blue flags.


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