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August, 2023 Kusadasi
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The only music competition in Turkey that has been held regularly since 1985 in the field of pop music is the Golden Pigeon Composition Competition.

Believing that this competition would contribute not only to Kuşadası but also to the whole of Turkey, the mayor of the time, Engin Berberoğlu, presenter and TV program producer Halit Kıvanç, Organizing Committee Chairman Ali Rıza Türker, artists Timur Selçuk and Erol Evgin decided that the competition was composed mainly of composition. At the same time, the name of the competition was determined as 'Golden Pigeon,' inspired by the pigeon, which is the symbol of peace.

As a result of intensive research and studies, a sample specification of 65 items was prepared for the Golden Pigeon Music competition. This specification not only explained the conditions of the competition to amateur and professional musicians who would participate in the contest but also warned them about their rights. The first Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Music Competition was held in 1986 under the leadership of the qualified specification. The main features of the competition are:

                1-) Works applying to Altın Güvercin go through a two-stage evaluation. After the Preliminary and Final Jury scores, symbolic and monetary prizes are given to their owners in the presence of the public.

                2-) An organizing committee, whose members change yearly, conducts the competition.

                3-) The Golden Pigeon Music Competition, a composition competition, is open to all amateur and professional composers.

                4-) In the competition's grand finale, the finalist works are performed live by the big orchestra of the competition, which is established every year. Play-Back is not done. And the grand finale of the competition is broadcast live on a national TV channel.

                5-) Every detail of the contest, in which a democratic and transparent system is applied, is specified in the specification.

Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Music Competition has strengthened Turkish Pop Music in many ways. Young talents are introduced and old commentators who want to be popular are again rewarded. To date, around 6000 works have been sent to the competition. The average number of works sent each year is about 200-250. Golden Pigeon Music Competitions were organized 21 times between 1986 and 2013. It was kept alive in Istanbul between 1991-1993 under the name of the "Istanbul White Pigeon Music Competition."


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