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Izmir is in West of Turkey and the city is the third biggest city of Turkey. Population of the city is 4 million. The second biggest port is located by the Aegan Sea in Izmir.

Izmir was established at least 5000 years ago, Smyrna is city’s historacal name.The city has a great history. Three of the “Seven Churches” which were mentioned in Bible are in İzmir

Alsancak and Konak are the center of Izmır, there are a lot of shopping centers in Izmir. Kemeraltı Bazaar is located in Konak, you can buy anthing such as clothes, jewellery, spices and so on.

Izmır is also well-known its International Fair. It is al the oldest tradeshow in Turkey.

Izmır is served by national and international flights through the Adnan Menderes Airport.

To enjoy city’s ambience, see sight, wander in Kemalaltı bazaar, have a drink and dinner at the seafront restaurants.



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