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little advice and a promotion about yılancı cape

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First of all , Yılancı Cape  in old times called neapolis because Yılancı Cape , a second peninsula extending to the sea, is recognized as the first place where Kuşadası was founded by the Ions in ancient times. The remains under the sea can still be seen there .there are many historical remains on it. It is believed that Kuşadası was first founded by the Ions in the Yilancı Burnu region under the name of Neopolis. in the following periods, it was moved to the vicinity of the Andiz Tower on the outskirts of Pilavtepe, and therefore the transportation difficulties increased and finally it came to its present place.  

Unfortunately, there is a little  establishment and known history , anyway, let's move on to the information that will be more useful to us Yılancı Cape  is one of the most beautiful location and the best view in kuşadası. but ıf you are interested in finding different location and view on the other hand you just say ıt is not that beautiful location .First question is where is Yılancı Cape ? it is located in the south of the piegon island and is called the second island. Yılancı Cape have a beautiful sea , a beach club and before to arrive a yılancı cape there is a markets,  cafes and a restaurants around . Beach club that name is jade it is one of  the best beach club in kusadası because  for food or drinks quality isvery  good  and I'm not talking about to location anymore. Also this club is open until midnight . If you want to came here with your family or friend doesnt matter just made a reservation here and spend a quality time  with your friend or family . Lets talk about the beach;The coast is stony, but the sea is clear also deep and rocky,  we should not forget that . And also you need to be careful ıf you have a child or you dont know how to swim because there is no life guard there. The other question is how can we get there; there is a tree option for you have and the first one is you can use a 5 number bus and you can get on from the bus stops of the coast just say we want to go yılancı cape bu there is a little problem here because the bus just leaves it upstairs ı mean it's on the road, so you'll have to walk down for 5-10 minutes . Second way is the taxi you can find anywhere and the last one of course you can go with your own vehicle but there is a problem about the road.The roads are a little narrow and curved going down, so be careful and speed accordingly . Let me tell you about something else about this island, if you want to spend a quiet evening, you can take your drink from somewhere along the way and go here, of course, if you're just girls, be careful,  everyone included this word of course not only girls , anyway you can come here in the evening and talk with your friends , you can watch the stars and kusadasi in the light of pigeon island. 

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