Long Beach


Yavansu, Kusadasi

Long Beach

The long beach, which has all the meaning of its name, is one of the long beaches of Kuşadası, located in Yavansu. This coastal strip is 12 kilometers long. The beach of Long Beach is generally sandy. Although the sea is not very deep, it has a shallow depth. The water is clear and transparent. Fluctuation usually occurs in the afternoon. The use of the Long Beach Shoreline is free of charge. If you want, you can rent an umbrella and a sunbed. Long Beach includes changing rooms, showers, and sinks that you can use for your comfort during your beach time. There are many paid aqua parks and private beaches from private companies for adults and children. At the same time, there are numerous water sports options for adrenaline and activity lovers like jet skiing, canoeing, etc. As a result of multiple tests, Long Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.

On Long Beach's coast are bike paths, pedestrian paths and motorcycle paths.

It is a fact that Long Beach is generally a popular place for summer residents. That's why you can find many detached summer houses and lots here. Rentable duplex-triplex villas with gardens, apartments, 5-star hotels and hostels are among the categories you will often encounter. These accommodation options, which stand out for their proximity to the sea, are among the first choices of vacationers. Domestic and foreign tourists spending their vacations in Long Beach can usually meet their basic needs without going to Kuşadası Central Market. Instead, they can store in the locality and meet their needs at the market.

The Kuşadası Life Center AVM is located 3 km away from Long Beach.

The distance between the city center and Long Beach is 12 km. Therefore, you can get to Long Beach from the center of Kusadasi by a single line - Dolmus lines 6 and 7. Long Beach has many businesses where you can watch the sunset with your family or loved ones after enjoying the sea, sand, and sun during the day.

Usually, there are Fish Restaurants and Live Music Venues where you can spend time in the evening. If you prefer to walk along the coastline, adequate lighting is provided by the municipality.

Long Beach Line, where you can spend your valuable time both day and night, will be your family's favorite place with all the amenities, and you can make your holiday more enjoyable by not spending it on road distances.

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