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Turkish cuisine has a very enriched cuisine in line with its hundreds of years of history and history. It is possible to find a meal or dessert to suit every taste. Some of the famous dishes and desserts from such a large and rich cuisine are as follows;


Kebab's address is Turkey. And its preparation varies in every region of Turkey. Although there are thousands of types of kebab in the Middle East, we can say that the most well-known is Adana kebab and it is one of the traditional dishes of Turkey. The one with lamb meat is the best. Lamb meat and fat are chopped with a cleaver for about 20 minutes, then this meat is blended with salt and capia pepper and cooked over coal fire. Afterwards, special pita bread is served with sumac onion and sauce.


Known by many different names from Chinese to Italian cuisine, the most well-known in Turkish cuisine is Kayseri manti. The most distinctive feature of Kayseri logic, which is more difficult to prepare than others, is its size. Once upon a time, in Kayseri, it was believed that girls who could not fit 40 dumplings into a spoon could not get married. Manti, which is one of the most famous dishes of Turkey and can be enriched with a sauce consisting of spices and butter, served with garlic or plain yoghurt, has various cooking techniques in different regions such as Sinop, Corum and Nevsehir.


It is among the most famous dishes of Turkey. The name Lahmacun refers to meat dough in Arabic. Foreigners also know it as Turkish pizza. Lahmacun, which has been consumed in the east of Turkey for years, has become a dish that is consumed fondly in every region of Turkey for the last 50 years and can be found in every kabab restaurant. Lahmacun, which is cooked in a stone oven, mixed with various spices and combined with thin dough, has gained an indispensable place in Turkey.


Baklava, a dessert consumed fondly in Turkey as well as in the Middle East and the Balkans, can be made in many different ways. The most preferred among these is Gaziantep style pistachio baklava.
Baklava, which has been the subject of debate for years regarding its origin, has finally been registered by the EU commission as a free taste of Turkish cuisine.


Meatballs, which come in many varieties like kebab, are also indispensable in Turkish cuisine. Almost every city in Turkey has its own way of making meatballs. Izmir meatballs, Tekirdağ meatballs, Trabzon meatballs are among the most well-known.

Hünkâr Begendi (Sultan's delight, lamb stew served on mashed eggplant)

It is a flavor that has survived from Ottoman cuisine to the present day. It is a palace dish that is prepared in restaurants and homes, but requires great care and attention to make it taste good. Eggplant, which came to Europe from the new continent after America was discovered, is the indispensable ingredient of this dish. Food also has a story. According to what is said, the sultan's taste emerged as a coincidental combination of two cuisines during the encounter between Sultan Abdulaziz, one of the Ottoman sultans, and Eugenie, the French empress of the time. Cooking the eggplant is as important as the type of meat in the preparation of the dish. This dish, which is made by cooking and adding lamb meat flavored with various spices to a puree-like product prepared from roasted eggplant paste, milk and flour, is among the flavors of Turkish cuisine.

Stuffed Leaves with Olive Oil

Sarma is one of the most valuable inheritances from Ottoman cuisine that has survived to the present day. It is a dish specific to the Aegean region, known as the capital of olives. It is a very delicious dish made by wrapping rice marinated with various spices in vine leaves. Depending on the region, it can be made with different materials than vine leaves. But the most famous and known one is the Stuffed Leaves with Olive Oil of the Aegean region.


Pita, which is still consumed in many parts of the former Ottoman geography, is also consumed widely in the Middle East and the Balkans. It can also be served alongside foods such as Iskender, Adana Kebab, etc. The way it is made and the ingredients used vary in each region. In Trabzon, it is round with minced meat and egg in the middle, while in the Aegean it can be thin and long meat with cheddar cheese. It is one of the unique tastes representing Turkish cuisine that should definitely be tasted.

Doner and İskender

Its home country is Bursa.

It consists of meat seasoned with suet and sauces, placed on top of each other on skewers, and served after cooking for a long time. Its name also varies depending on the type of meat used. It is served with tomatoes, greens, etc. Or it can also be served as a fast food sandwich with bread. It is a work of Turkish cuisine that is now very popular and consumed almost all over the world.


We recommend you to taste Iskender, which has an unshakable place in Turkey, at historical iskender shops. Bursa is also the homeland of Iskender. The most important ingredient is doner kebab. Cooked doner leaves are placed on special bread baked in a black oven and topped with special butter and tomato paste sauces. Served with yoghurt and cooked tomatoes.

Turkish Delight

Lokum, which has dozens of varieties depending on the material used in its production, is the only and indispensable accompaniment of Turkish coffee. It is also one of the most frequently mentioned names of Turkey in the world. The reason for this is that British travelers in the 18th century introduced Turkish delight as Turkish delight in their country. Its origin is Persian, which means soothing the throat. Turkish delight, which is prepared differently all over Turkey, is a little harder with pistachio in Gaziantep, while it has a softer consistency with rose flavor in Isparta.


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