Kuşadası Local Transportation Guide

We have prepared this text for you to give you information about how to get from one point to another in Kuşadası and what to do during your trip.

If you ask us what the difference is between the minibus and the bus, while the minibus can take you from one place to another, it can also stop at any location outside the bus stop and pick up passengers from outside the bus stop. However, this is not possible with buses because buses only pick up and drop off passengers at bus stops. In Kuşadası, the Dolmuş is often preferred. You can easily reach places like the beach, shopping centers, bazaars, etc.

The price varies depending on the distance you will travel by dolmus. Generally, there is a minimum fee for short distances. When you board the minibus, you must tell the driver where you want to go and pay the price per person immediately after boarding. One of the most important details you need to know when using a minibus is: minibus drivers do not stop at every station. If you want to get off the minibus, tell them you want to stop at a convenient place near where you will get off.

When using the Dolmuş Line in Turkey, Turkish citizens are charged different fees than adults and students, with students paying more reasonably. In addition, when students use the minibus, they must show their student ID to the driver.

Some minibusses go to specific destinations in Kusadasi. There are usually numbers on the right side of the windshield of these minibusses. From these numbers, you can see which direction the minibus is going. Usually, the names of the destinations are next to the numbers.

Below we have listed the direction of travel of the dolmus lines. If you want to use the dolmus line, you can use the numbers to find your destination.

•           Dolmus nr. 1: Sanayi – Efes Prenses (Kustur – Tusan)

•           Dolmus nr. 2: Hastane (Hospital) – Beyazgul Sitesi

•           Dolmus nr. 2 / 10: Hastane (Hospital) – Kosar – Deniz Yıldızı – Notestik

•           Dolmus nr. 3: Hastane (Hospital) – Yagcıkent (Sema)

•           Dolmus nr. 4: Sehir Merkezi (Town Centre) – Pazar Yeri (Market) – Tutunculer Sitesi

•           Dolmus nr. 5: Kadınlar Denizi (Ladies Beach)

•           Dolmus nr. 6: Sahil Siteleri (Long Beach) – Hastane (Hospital)

•           Dolmus nr. 7: Sahil Siteleri (Long Beach)- Kipa – Uydukent – Hastane (Hospital)

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